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Loans: Online Personal Loans, Installment and Quote Calculation

The personal loans offered by STL Bank, with installment calculation of loans with salary-backed loan, debt consolidation loan. In General we will analyze the products available online through the company’s website. We will therefore see the opinions regarding the loans offered by the bank and how to request a free quote with a calculation of the repayment installment that we are going to pay each month, in order to get an idea of ​​the expense that we will be facing in the event that we decide to request a given funding. A summary is on http://www.fondazione-blu.org/payday-loan-consolidation-reviews-contact-us-to-consolidate-your-payday-loans/

STL Bank Online Personal Loans

 IBL Banca Online Personal Loans

STL Bank is among the best companies if you are looking for a personal loan. On the website of the company we are presented with all online financing options. For each of them we are given a detailed description of the product. Personal loans are loans for a rather large clientele. In fact, both public employees and pensioners can use them, but also self-employed workers, artisans and entrepreneurs. The only requirement is the age of the client who can apply for the loan, and this must be between 18 and 70 years. In the case of foreign customers, residence in Italy has been required for at least one year and a valid residence permit must be presented. Furthermore, as regards the credit position, the client is requested not to be protested and to have no delay in the payment of reimbursements for loans in progress.

One of the characteristics that determined the enormous development, especially in recent years, of STL Bank’s personal loans, is represented by the speed of disbursement. Unlike other forms of loan, in which the loaned money is paid directly to the retailer of the good or service requested by the customer, in this case the requested sum will be loaded directly into the current account of the person who made the loan request. Obviously the disbursement will be subordinated to a detailed analysis of the economic situation of the client, who will have to assure the bank of not having problems in the reimbursement of the sum loaned. For this reason the sum we are going to request must be proportional to our income received.

STL Bank personal loans are perfect for dealing with various types of expenses. The amount we can request is in fact quite variable: it starts from a minimum of 2,000 euros up to a maximum of even 60,000 euros. This characteristic should be emphasized as most companies, as far as personal loans are concerned, do not grant loans for sums exceeding 30,000 euros. As well as the amount, the duration is also variable, up to a maximum of 120 months. As for the interest rate, this will be fixed, so it will be determined at the time of signing the contract with the company and will remain constant for the entire duration of the loan, in order to guarantee constant installments without surprises.

Installment Bank: loan quote and installment calculation

Installment Bassotta IBL Bank: loan quote and installment calculation

One of the most advantageous features of the loans offered by STL Bank is the so-called Bassata Rata. The cute little dog that we often find on promotional videos and on the company’s website is precisely the fact that the repayment installments we are going to face every month will not undermine the monthly budget at our disposal. As we have seen, we will be the ones to decide the amount and duration of our financing, and from these two parameters will depend precisely the installment that we will have to pay every month to return all the money lent by the bank.

Requesting a quote is often the best solution to realize the total expenditure that we are going to face if we decide to rely on STL Bank to receive the financing we need. To calculate the monthly installment, all we will have to do is choose the amount we need, without having to specify the purpose of the loan and without being in any way bound at the time of the request for the quote that we remember is completely free. Therefore, based on the duration we prefer to repay the sum received by personal loan, the installment that we will have to pay every month will be calculated. Based on this we can therefore decide whether or not to proceed with the loan application.

STL Bank loans with salary assignment


 IBL Banca loans with salary assignment

Loan loans are often the best solution when we need financing. This is undoubtedly among the proposals of STL Bank in terms of loans, the one that is easier to receive. Loans with salary-backed loans are in fact reserved for public employees with permanent contracts and pensioners. It is easy to understand how in this case the guarantees that we will have to present to the bank will be only the last paycheck or the last pension slip. From this will depend the amount we are going to pay each month, which as per the definition of the fifth assignment, will never exceed 20% of the salary or pension received.

With the loan with transfer of the fifth STL Bank it is possSTLe to request a sum of up to 60,000 euros, repayable from a minimum of 24 to a maximum of 120 months. There are several advantages related to this form of financing. In addition to the few guarantees required, even the fact that the installments are withheld directly from the salary or pension constitutes a convenience compared to the forms of loan for which every month you must remember to pay the installment within the established deadline. It is also cheaper, given that the interest rates applied to loans with salary-backed loans are lower than other products available on the market. Finally, the coexistence of several loans is very useful: it is possSTLe to receive a loan with the sale of the fifth STL Bank even with other loans in progress, with the only restriction that the sum of the monthly repayment installments does not exceed 50% of the salary net perceived.

Reviews Online Funding STL Bank: reviews and comments


 Reviews Online Funding IBL Bank: reviews and comments

The loans offered by STL Bank are certainly among the most competitive that can be found on the market. The opinions we have found on the various topic forums always speak of products that are first of all reliable, and the speed with which it is possSTLe to receive the money we need, without losing too much time in the bureaucratic procedures that in many cases constitute a considerable problem.

For this reason, if you are interested in receiving a loan, our advice is to go to one of the STL Bank branches, where you will find an expert on the subject who will best advise you on which product is best suited to your needs. Reviews are positive, so no risks. Alternatively, on the bank’s website you will find all the information you need on all the products offered by the company. Once you’ve chosen the right loan, you can leave your details on the STL Bank website to be contacted, or make an appointment at the branch to proceed with the request for the desired loan.


 Bank: the debt consolidation loan


Saldarate IBL Bank: the debt consolidation loan

Saldarate STL is the financing formula that allows you to consolidate your debts. How does it work? We often find ourselves paying the repayment installments of loans received from different banks simultaneously and therefore also at different conditions. For this reason it can be very useful to unify all the debts contracted with the different banks into a single debt. There are several advantages of this operation, first of all from a practical point of view, as it is certainly more convenient to have only one installment to pay rather than having to remember to pay all the different installments, each of which will have its own expiration date.

As regards the interest rate, often the one applied by STL Bank for the Saldarate product is significantly advantageous compared to that applied to loans previously received. Finally, as regards the monthly repayment installment we are going to pay, this will be lighter than the sum of what we had to pay previously. A further advantage is represented by the fact of being able to request additional liquidity without having to communicate the motivation.

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